Paolo Zanetto

Founding partner

Paolo heads the Government Relations and Business Diplomacy practices at Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. Before joining the Public affairs industry, Paolo was in the Italian government service for 10 years, as a policy adviser on many topics, both in Italian and European institutions, and later on as ministerial aide in the Italian cabinet.

Paolo is a regular contributor of national newspapers in Italy. He has published a handbook on political marketing (“(E)lezioni di successo”, Rizzoli-Etas, 2003). He has also published a book on the Microsoft antitrust case in the European Union (“Il caso Microsoft e il futuro della concorrenza in Europa”, Rubbettino, 2005). Recently he published a handbook on lobbying and public affairs (“Fare lobby”, Rizzoli-Etas, 2007) together with Alberto Cattaneo.

Paolo is a fellow of Istituto Bruno Leoni, a think-tank based in Turin, specialized on antitrust and competition issues. He’s a member of the Leadership programme of Gerson Lehrman Group. He coordinates the Public Affairs committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

In addition to his practice, Paolo sits on the board of Dogan Burda (leading Turkish media company, listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange) as non-executive director.


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